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Root root root for the home team

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Don’t let the sound of your own wheels make you crazy.

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This cowboy’s running from himself.


And she’s been living on the highest shelf

. …And they come unstuck

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This cowboy’s running from himself.

And she’s been living on the highest shelf

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Anonymous Asked: I'm the anon that is head over heels for you knowing that we could never be.

Miss Gallagher, my 2nd grade teacher? Our love was always forbidden. I ache for you now just as I did oh so many years ago.

*single tear*

I will draw you a picture.

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So our friend Janice has a brain tumor. She won’t give us details but rather quickly her condition is worsening. She is a model of a woman. Successful with life, laughter, parenting, family, work, her magazine, charity, the list goes on.
She’s completely amazing. Strong. Unwilling to let people in on the truth because she doesn’t want people concerned or worried about her.

In a very unusual, public move for her, she posted on FB last week that she had a massive brain tumor and she would really like to go to see the Kansas City Royals in the world series. Bam. She was putting it out there. She didn’t care to sugar coat it anymore. To some of us it was a signal that the clock is ticking.
Friends entered a few contests for her and didn’t win. I got a message from one friend who said she had a hundred bucks and she wanted to make this happen for Janice.
Why does everybody come to me with the impossible?
So this weekend, against the odds, with a lot of help and coordination coming from friends Megan and Steve(very secretly) we did it. Enough money to purchase a pair of tickets and cash left over for parking, food, etc.

We knew Megan was going to deliver them at 7pm last night. About 6:15 last night I couldn’t stand it and posted a very ambiguous post on FB and several of the dozens who chipped in joined me in impatiently waiting for “nothing” to happen.
Good times. Good friends. We did it.

Janice: Is this real? Janice: Is this really happening? Janice: Is this shit really fucking happening? Yep.
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This cowboy’s running from himself.

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TBT - Spring Break 2010/Family vacation to Arizona.

Stopped to stretch our legs and take a pic by these pretty cool hills and valleys.

1st Pic: Standing about 6 feet away from a sheer drop to record a nice family memory.

Immediately After Pic Was Taken: Josie(floppy hat) while simply standing, suddenly loses her balance and assumes she is about to go tumbling down the cliff, grabs onto the nearest available lifeline, my junk.

2nd Pic: Everyone obviously enjoying my yelping in pain that echoed across the land. Josie casually walking back to the car like, “phew, that was close. Good thing Dad’s winky was there.”

My wiener. Good for the sexy sex time and repelling down the mountainside.

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It's 7am, Do You Know Where Your Nuthouse Family Is?
Jen: Jude, Payton's coming by for tampons.
Me: Ok?
Jen: She just text me that cause apparently she thought I should know. So now you know too.
Me: Awesome.
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This women had been wearing the same sports bra for ten years.
Day in, day out.

Ten. Years.

Saturday that torn memory went straight into the trash and whole room erupted in cheers.
And tears.

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Well this place is old It feels just like a beat up truck

I turn the engine but the engine doesn’t turn

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Sept 30 » Oct 1

Every time some unoriginal ass tweets or retweets “Somebody wake up Green Day” I’m gonna blow out random kids birthday candles and push old ladys down stairs.

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