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Jen woke me up to be the Easter Bunny.

Now the Easter Bunny can’t go back to sleep.

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An idea.

An idea after I got my oil changed on a Monday morning and watched customers, salesmen and mechanical workers helping themselves to free, cold water bottles from a tall glass cooler in the waiting room.
An idea after later that same day I drop my kid off at the Hillcrest Community Center where he is the only white kid. I take him there because the volunteer basketball coaches are relentless. They make these kids work. Kids who come from little and expect even less but work their asses off getting disciplined doing drill after drill after drill. Kids that work hard for three hours after school to avoid the streets, leaving the center with their asses dragging. Kids who most likely came to the center hungry and will stay that way till they return to school the next day.

An idea that if you can get a complimentary water bottle while spending your money, these kids should be just as complimented.

Tuesday a non-stop social media campaign asking for the impossible.
Wednesday morning a bunch phone calls with a bunch of “No’s”, one woman laughed. By the afternoon I got a text from Jennifer(v-neck): “You’ll have your cooler on Friday.”
Thursday a donation of water then another.
Friday Ami(vest), Kim(Ami’s wife) and I pick up the cooler and IT’S STILL IN THE FUCKING PACKAGING WRAPPER. Brand new. Never been used.

We deliver it to the community center whose volunteers where in shock. They thought I meant an small ice cooler for a case of water.

We peel off the Rockstar logos and plug it in. We fill it with water and promise it will never be empty. Now the kids have their choice of a trickle of water from a water fountain, over priced pop or unlimited, ice cold water bottles.

Find your goal and work as hard as you possibly can to get there. If someone tells you no, find out why and work your ass off to get around it and don’t stop. Ever. There is a path around every mountain.
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"Hear my name
Take a good look
This could be the day
Hold my hand
Walk beside me
I just need to say…"

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A bit closer to making this new project a reality…

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.Jack basically sniff-raped me when we got home. He doesn’t like Tuesdays because it means I pet other dogs. He is currently sleeping on my legs.

.. had a nice chat with mightyquinn72 and am in the process of putting together a free prom dresses for underprivileged teens event in our area next…

The best time to start something is twenty years ago and today.

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"Don’t go around tonight,
Well, it’s bound to take your life,
There’s a blood moon on the rise."

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Today I went to get my oil change at the local Chevy dealership. I had some other maintenance and a recall to get done.
While waiting in their reception area there was a glass cooler filled with water bottles, comfortable chairs, internet stations, WiFi and TV. All free.

Afterward I took my kid to the community center to play Basketball. It’s in a rougher part of town and the coach is NO nonsense. He pounds the basics into these kids and if they are out of position, turnover the ball or miss a shot: pushups. My kid is the only white kid there.
This community center is filled with kids who get out a school and then go get disciplined for 2-3 hours. Sweating their asses off. They work hard but most importantly, they avoid the streets.
They come in hungry after school, work hard, leave hungry and walk home to one can only image, homes without food.
I’m nothing if I don’t change that.
What cost would it be to put one of the coolers in there? Plug it in and we will fill it with water bottles? I mean seriously. Can these kids catch a fucking break and break the cycle?
I’m going go beg to get this done tomorrow. Free water. Cause if these kids and coaches are sacrificing for a better life why can’t we sacrifice with them?

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HeartBleeds Blood Moon

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So my current stats say I’m AVERAGING 71.9 mph.
If City speeds are at 30-35 mph, then for Highway, well you do the math.

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Paige insisted on filing out her contact card at the orthodontist but then got called back before she could finish so I filled in the blanks.

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Whenever you’re near I hear a symphony.

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"If I win the lottery, I’d… "

Fuck the lottery.

Serving your community pays ten fold the greatest of all lottery sums.

And feels greater than any drug.

You can’t recapture the beat of your heart as you’re begining to fall in love. You can’t get the same high as that one time. You can’t see your child for the first time, everyday.

But if you help those who need it and they squeal with humility and happiness it’s not unlike your first kiss or… winning the lottery. Again and again. And again.

Put your hand on my chest and feel the racing of my heart. Can you not see that I am alive?

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We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams.

Damn right.

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Last year we dressed 4 girls for Prom

This year, we are at 63 and counting.

We aren’t done yet.

Fuck doubt.

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